We turn your ideas into code

Affordable and high-quality creation of websites, databases, web stores, etc.
As each web project is a story in itself, it is impossible to determine the exact price without an agreement with the client.
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IT Services

Databases, mathematical analysis and digital marketing.


With our databases, information about your business will be available to you at all times

Mathematical analysis

We perform mathematical analysis of databases through unique mathematical models

Digital marketing

Promotion on social networks and all kinds of campaigns that will significantly contribute to your business


Click-to-click marketing includes Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads platforms where products or services are advertised
by predetermined amounts of money.

SEO for search engines is a type of marketing that improves your site's search ranking.

We offer you to create a digital business card as part of our Click On Serbia project
for your company, municipality, investment or you personally and thus become even more present on the web.


WEB design

Creating websites with the help of HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Ajax, JQuery technologies with the use of open source solutions.
We offer you the possibility to independently update the site through our simple DOTpanel CMS adapted to every web project.
If we code a website for you, we go through the following steps to the final goal, which is a PERFECT WEBSITE!

Query analysis

Creation of a web site development strategy based on your request submitted via e-mail and submission of an offer

Functionality and architecture

Creation of the architecture-interface of your website as well as the correct determination of the navigation and administration of the website

Graphic design

Creation of the graphic design of the site based on the created interface following the client's requirements related to the appearance of the site

Site development

Creation of the frontend of the site, implementation of dynamic content in the design of the clock, as well as creation of the admin part of the site

Image and video processing

Adaptation of submitted images and video materials to the needs of creating galleries within the website

Setting up a website

The procedure for transferring the site from the development environment to the web with the accompanying login to Google (for all clients)


Successful projects


Processed content


Satisfied clients


Designed themes


Each of our web projects incorporates the ideas of our users and the imagination of our programmers and web designers.
We hope to tickle your fancy and encourage you to collaborate


We encode digital business cards for you and create a business directory of Serbia in a new format.


Near Kladovo, on the very bank of the Danube and with the most sunny days in Serbia, is the Gamanović winery


Enjoy the pedestrian zone in the center of Kladovo in the pleasant atmosphere of Restaurant Jezero


In Kladovo, next to the city lake, the construction of a VIP residential area tailored to the modern lifestyle is underway


Welcome to the Mladenović apartments, in the very center of Kladovo, a minute from the pedestrian zone...


Sale of luxury apartments, pellets, petroleum products and auto gas


Send us a question and we will answer you as soon as possible.